We can offer your company a full range of services – from inspection and audit through to testing and analysis and certification. With our expert professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we seek to offer your company the very best tailored solutions to meet your needs. Our key services specifically related to commodities are:

Marine Surveyors
Analytical laboratories
Instrument Calibrations
Supply Chain Management
Nautical Consultants

Terminal Operations
Dry Cargo
Insurance Loss Adjusters
Due Diligence
Risk management
Pre-SIRE Inspection preparation



Break Bulk survey
Continuous Onboard survey during discharging
Cargo searching after completion of discharge
Cargo survey at the time of delivery of cargo Export.
Hatch fitness survey prior to loading of cargo
Measurement the packages to ascertain the volume
Survey & Loading Supervision of cargo

Other Surveys.

Draught Survey
On-hire survey
Off-hire survey
Bunker survey
Casualty survey
Condition & valuation survey
General average survey
Charter party survey/documents survey
Inspection of towing arrangement
Supervision of securing arrangement of cargo
Marine, Motor, Fire and Misc. Insurance Surveys.
Hull and Machinery Survey

Edible, Non Edible products & Container Surveys

Survey of Edible/Non Edible products

Discharging supervision crude oil and its products
Monitoring Tanker Port operations
Squeegee Dry operation for edible oil
Tanker washing monitoring
Tanker loading/discharging operation
Supervision of Liquid cargo into shore terminal
Transshipment operations
Tank calibration

Container Survey

Container condition survey on discharging
Container condition survey on loading
Cargo condition survey on de-stuffing of container
Cargo condition survey on stuffing of cargo
Container off hire survey
Container on hire survey
Space Measurement
PTI on reefer container

Commodities We Deal In

Agriculture, Fertilizers & Food Items
Cement, Coal, Ores & other Minerals
Bio Fuel
LNG/LPG & Liquefied Gases
Jet Fuel
Crude Oil
Petrochemicals & Chemicals
Bunker Fuel
Metering & Calibrations

TALLY Surveys

In addition to survey work, the Ex team of “Pan Islamic Steamship Company tally division” has become part of “The Surveyors & Shipping Services”.

The team has Experience of past 30 years and have provided tally Services to Pan Islamic owned vessels as well as Pakistani and foreign vessels at Port of Karachi & Port. Bin Qasim. The team is headed by a Professional Master Mariner with 35 years port experience, having excellent contacts with Ports authorities and other agencies ensuring quality Services to owners, master of the vessels and P&I clubs Our main objective of providing tally services is to minimize the cargo claims by averting short landings during discharging operation to avoid claims, custom Penalties etc., while loading we ensure a proper tally to avoid any short shipments and short landing at discharge Port.

Our greatest source of satisfaction has been appreciation of our clients in our efforts to minimize cargo claims. The backup provided by the insurance Manager to tally staff ensures proper guidance in dealing with port/custom Officials. The field service staff is supervised by a Commercial Manager, with ship owning back ground thus being fully aware of owner’s requirements in carrying out Tally onboard vessels, Our staff is fully conversant with the Cargo documentation and local requirements of ports. The Tally staff is excellently paid so that their integrity remains Unquestionable. We are striving hard to provide excellent Services at Pakistan ports with a professional touch, our Tally staff provide following services-

A) Providing tally services under supervision of our Chief Tally Supervisor.

B) Daily loading/discharging reports to Master / Agent / Clubs.

C) Conducting Tally for cargo discharges or loaded into vessels’ Holds, Twin, decks, reefer spaces, on deck, shelter deck spaces, cargo lockers.

D) Extra labour employed by stevedore, reflecting same in the tally Report.

E) Correctly recording in the reports for equipment being used.


  • With the inception of Analytical Testing Laboratory at Karachi Office , The Surveyors has envisioned to provide testing services for following commodities:
  • Bitumen (Operational)
  • Lube Base Oil and Additive (Operational)
  • Naphtha/ Mogas/ High Speed Diesel
    (Under commissioning)
  • Crude Oil/Condensate/ Distillates/ Fuel Oil ( To be Developed)
  • Agri laboratory Services for Physical, Microbiological( To be Developed)
  • We also have following pre-qualified Third Party Testing Laboratories on our panel for testing and analysis of the various commodities:
  • Pakistan Council Of Scientific and Industrial Research Laboratory, Karachi.
  • CentralTesting Laboratory, Karachi.
  • Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan, Karachi (for Mineral Oils, Gases, Chemicals & Lubes).
  • Perac Research and Development Laboratory, Karachi (for Mineral Oils, Gases, Chemicals & Lubes).
  • H.E.J. Research Intitute of Chemistry Laboratory, Karachi.
  • ParamountTesting Laboratory, Karachi.
  • Qualitest Laboratory Services (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi.
  • ACE Laboratory, Karachi.
  • Central CottonTesting Laboratory, Karachi.
  • Soil & MaterialTesting Laboratory, Karachi.
  • Institute of Applied Research Laboratory, Karachi.