The experienced team of Pan Islamic Steamship Company “Survey & and Tally division” headed by veteran Master Mariner with experience of over 35 years in shipping industry joined hands to gather to establish a new Entity to be called “The Surveyors and Shipping Services.” the team of surveyors and others have varied experience in the survey work, working for P&I Clubs as well as National/Foreign lines calling port of Karachi, and Port Muhammad Bin Qasim. The Surveyors associated, with the team have vast experience, related to edible commodities, Oils, Ores, Containers and break bulk cargoes for 3 decades.

It is policy of the firm to run In-house Educational Programs for surveyors, enable keep them updated, with various requirements of shipping Industry, protection and indemnity clubs and knowledge about commodities being handled. This programme enable our surveyors, to get acquainted with P&I Club Class I rules, Marine Insurance Act.

Requirement of particular and General Average, knowledge of Port and Custom rules, knowledge to ascertain loss of damage etc., carrying out condition surveys and developing effectiveness in answering questions and suggesting solutions to problems. We are extremely indebted to P&I Clubs who have provided us materials, as well as Audio Visual Aids, enable our surveyors perform to the requirement of clients. The team of field surveyors is assisted by an experienced insurance personal, conversant with cargo claims, P&I Club and hull underwriting requirement, thus providing excellent backup support to our field staff. Our surveyors carry vast experience and have satisfactorily performed to the requirement of all clients including clubs. Since the team has a past experience of ship owning business as well, thus having an edge over others while dealing with complicated problems and advising Masters of the vessels, in respect of problems and also providing local knowledge to overcome any impediments in way of smooth execution of loading/discharging or any other problem relevant to the assignment.

We are not the traditional surveyors as training and attending various Seminars etc. has developed the skill of our office field staff, enable to protect owners / clubs interest at all costs. The staff is excellently paid according to Pakistan standards, thus ensuring integrity of the people in order deal firmly with unscrupulous elements who are out to rob ship owners clubs. It’s our endeavor and motto to provide quality services and ensure round the clock attendance onboard vessels, to assist ship’s company in smooth execution. We fully realize the requirement of ship owners & clubs thus we try our level best to ensure expeditious loading and discharging operation by providing round the clock services. Our staff has excellent rapport with Port Authorities and other agencies and is equipped with mobile phones/pagers to provide round the clock communication facilities, and to ensure sorting out the problems on the spot without any delay.

Interests of our Principals are of paramount importance to us & we have a reputation of guarding them very professionally. Excellence in service has become our hall Mark. We can undertake varied assignments & provide survey services.


Our Mission

To be the Surveyor / Service provider of choice in the gateway of Pakistan, renowned for best-in-class services and successful partnerships.

Our Values

The way in which we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. We are:

Committed to Excellence

We set new standards by continuously improving result and innovating in every aspect of our business.

Dedicated to Customers

We help our customers, external and internal, succeed by anticipating and meeting their needs.

Focused on People

We win as a team by respecting, nurturing and supporting one another. Integrated Globally

We build our strength globally by embracing diversity and optimizing operations locally.